The Roof.

When I told my dad we found an amazing house (albeit in need of some work) he was very supportive and confident we could do many repairs ourselves. He offered his help on anything and everything we needed. I told him the roof had to be replaced, but he was not concerned: we’d all repaired roofs before. Then I showed him a picture.

His response? “I do not want to fix that roof!”

Totally fair. We slowly started soliciting quotes; I used HomeAdvisor to find some highly-reviewed roofers, and got a recommendation from a local handyman. Three knowledgeable roofers came to check it out: first quote was almost double the rough guess we were working with; second roofer never even bothered to call me back (maybe he and my dad shared an aversion to the project!); third roofer’s quote almost double the first roofer’s quote, and offered a months-later finish date!

So I confirmed a few things and went with the first: Bayview Contracting Corp. KC (or Casey?) was great to work with, his team did fantastic work, and they were remarkably fast given the amount of rain, snow, and wind with which they had to contend.

Photo Credit: Casey (or is it KC?):

Less than 1 month and more than 3500 square feet of roof later, no more hole and no more (new) water damage!

I’d like to give Bayview Contracting a lot of props; not only were they more affordable and faster (and responsive!) than anyone else, they stuck to their original quote even when they realized it was a bit more work than anticipated.

And let’s face it, ~5 dollars/square foot isn’t bad for that roof.*

*That seems to be on the high-end of an average roof cost, and let’s be real clear here: this roof is not average. All the things I love most about it make it really difficult to replace (of course).

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