The Garden(s)

The Garden (technically, gardens) is a long-term ongoing project, but I wanted to share it as we go – complete with successes and failures… in both design and execution.

I want food and flowers and to decrease the amount of lawn that needs mowing. So we’ve just started building random raised gardens all over the place.

Hopefully they actually:
1) produce vegetables and fruit, and
2) don’t look like a hot mess of garbage.

I have no uniform vision for the garden spaces… beyond “food” and maybe “pretty”

Pre-Spring 2020:
Building Raised Beds

At least we seem to be improving.

(You can easily track the timeline of our raised garden beds by their quality and effort)

Companion Gardening

Wes is a great help* and I recently enlisted exploited his free child labor and had him research all the plants we are planning to grow this year. He did a great job, found all of their friends and enemies,** and I got to play in excel/google sheets figuring out a way to present the data in a way I wished everyone of the sources we used presented the data.
Click here to benefit from Westley’s hard work.***

Gardening update – early April 2020

Spoiler alert, update includes details on a horrific tomato massacre. Ooops.

Gardening update – September 2020

How’d it all turn out? Well, some of did and some of it didn’t.

pink light picture of tomato seedling plants

The Wassaic Jardin, take two.

Gardening: Spring 2021

Almost May, and pretty much nothing to show for it.

*Sometimes. Especially when I make him do something.
**Some plants really hate each other.
***Disclaimer: Wes did all the research, so if this is all terribly inaccurate it’s completely on him. 🙂