About the House/Blog

I bought a house. It needs a bit of work*

We waived official inspections, replaced the roof, and have begun the multi-year renovation project to bring this beautiful abode back to habitability. We bought the house in January 2019 and spent several months getting (parts of it) liveable, and moved into the attic (which is bigger than our Brooklyn apartment was) full-time that summer (2019).

Now, it’s all about slowly restoring each of the (so many) rooms back to its former glory – with a few modern amenities thrown in.** This blog will document the process and progress.

I’m not a WordPress pro, but hopefully the blog is 1. interesting; 2. easy to navigate (posts should be available on the side, month by month, or at the bottom when viewing on a phone), and possibly even informative or helpful. But mostly fun. 🙂

*Walls, electricity, floors, plumbing, re-siding (eventually), porch replacement, etc.
** Such as electricity, plumbing, high-speed internet, possibly a fireman pole, and a multitude of secret passageways.

*** *** *** This is a repost of an old post I posted back when I launched the blog 🙂