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With each garden bed, we get better at making garden beds

Live and learn, right? That should probably just be the official theme for the garden(s) (and probably the house). A user requested an aerial view of the current garden layout. Here it is, courtesy of Google Maps and terrible drawing skills.A: East Slope raised bedB: Southeast Slope flower bedC: Raised bed for potatoes (keeping them … Continue reading With each garden bed, we get better at making garden beds

The Kitchen… pt 1

Destruction is fun. Destruction is satisfying. Destruction is dirty and results in way more material and/or waste than originally anticipated. We've been having a really good time ripping everything out. Cabinet ( half)At some point there was a large cabinet and chest of drawers (at least partially original) that formed a wall between the kitchen … Continue reading The Kitchen… pt 1

A Short Break From Everything – Valencia

The true Cinderella story of this trip was Valencia -- we knew we'd love Paris, pretty certain about Malta being awesome, but Valencia was the wildcard. I've never been all that interested in Spain and 3 years ago was disappointed by Barcelona.* But man oh man did Valencia deliver. Turia ParkCity-center, believe it or not … Continue reading A Short Break From Everything – Valencia