Side Notes, Trips, and Other Unrelated Posts

Early Morning Baking Thoughts

This February 2021 post isn’t really about the house renovations (other than to reiterate that I really need to get the downstairs kitchen done!)


I’m only a good parent when I’m traveling

Even then it’s debatable.

Every now and then I need to get away and explore the world with the kiddos.

February 2020: We took a little break from renovating, Wassaic, New York, USA, life, the universe, and everything to head off to Europe for 12 days. When I say we, I mean Westley, Oberon, and myself — Sergiu and Elliot were left behind to get stuff done on the house. I mean, really, it was very selfless of us: Sergiu kept saying that he needed more than 5 minutes of uninterrupted work time to get a few key projects done, so the kids and I took one for the team and headed off to Europe to give him the time he needed 🙂

Paris 2020

Our recent almost 2 week excursion started in Paris. We did a lot of new things, found new favorites, and I made one major mistake in the planning of our trip.


Searching for the Maltese Falcon was my main motivation, but the non-Bogart-inspired activities were the real highlights (of course).

Valencia, Spain

The underdog destination in our itinerary, this city’s character, activities, and lovely human beings quickly launched it to the top of our European favorites list.