The House

Built in 1870 for the Superintendent of the New York Milk Company (later known as the Borden Milk Company), the house is a dream come true. Sure, it’s lacking walls, has no running water or electricity, and urgently needed a new roof when we purchased it in January, 2019. But look at it! It is everything we did not even know we were looking for in a town we never knew we loved.

A picture and history found on a “history of” sign in Wassaic, NY

Over the next few (many) years, we will gently restore and renovate the old beauty. Our idealistic plans include reconstructing the lath and plaster walls, incorporating some of the “decorative” plaster for which the house was noted.

Our beautiful house, as of December 15, 2018
(the day we went to see it!)

Heartbreakingly, the porch has to come down (like, yesterday! It’s really bad!) But, the decorative details on the porch are largely in good shape and will be saved for the not-rotten-wood replacement porch… eta unknown.

Our plans are basically this: finish renovating the attic (a project that was left incomplete over ten years ago), and move into that space. Then, very slowly, we will restore (or, where impossible, renovate) the rest of the house – one room at a time. We want to stay true to the original, but with a few modern amenities thrown in for comfort. I’ll post the steps along the way! Prior to the construction of this blog, the roof was replaced. Beyond that, I hope to keep this up to date – step by (slow, expensive) step.

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