Gardening: Spring 2021

(aka, Aly gets lazy and gets almost nothing done)

I had such lofty plans for my sophomore year of gardening as a grown-up.

Then Spring 2021 came and has basically gone, and I didn’t really get anything done. On the bright side, the one day I actually put in some effort on prepping the beds, we saw our first ribbon snake friend of the year!1

small ribbon snake on dried leaves, under a loose cow-panel fence piece

As of today (April 28, 2021), my accomplishments are limited to:

a low shot showing a scattering of garlic plants

the garlic I planted last fall (about half came up this Spring – yay!)

five salsify plants in a garden bed

the half-dozen salsify from last year, left in the ground to sprout some seeds2

an empty barren raised bed with spinach seeds that will hopefully sprout, a few weeds are visible at the edges

some spinach I planted last week (only several weeks late…)

empty barren potato patch with some dried leaves around the edges

one bed of potatoes3 I planted this morning (only over a month late…)

dozens of tomato seedlings on the floor and on a shelf

65 tomato and 32 pepper seedlings that I have yet to kill (and have no room for)

three planters with dirt and no plants

3 + 2 long-necked pumpkins I am attempting to start indoors.4 I planted 3 of them ~10 days ago, and 2 yesterday. So far none have sprouted.

an empty garden raised bed in front of a porch, with a stone wall border

And an asparagus bed that I’m pretty sure is dead (but I still love how the look of how it turned out!)

And that’s it. I have 5 empty beds that need carrots, cabbage, onions, more garlic, etc, an empty potato bed that I might turn into a perennial bed, and a corn triangle that I have no idea what to do with (the half-ear of corn crop last year just doesn’t seem worth the effort…)

We did finally manage to get the aly-is-too-lazy-to-plant-seeds-seedmats I ordered on the ground, so the rain tonight better make those all come up and turn my weird circle garden into a beautiful partially filled oasis for bees, butterflies, and other little pollinators. Google says I have to wait about 10 days. And obviously, it’s not going to be enough to fill the space.

Peace out friends – I hope you all have better motivation and skills in your endeavors (gardening or not!) than I do this year!5

1 I spent ages on those beds, and only got like 2 ready to go.

2 It’s really hard to find salsify seeds, so I sacrificed my first year’s [pathetic] crop to allow them to go to seed!

3 Let’s face it. One small patch of potatoes is going to produce about enough potatoes for one Aly-sized meal!

4 Damn pumpkins. Farmer’s Almanac says about 120 total days from planting to ripe. The problem is, the soil temp is supposed to be above 60 degrees (Fahrenheit; 15 Celsius), and that doesn’t happen in Wassaic until end of May or early June. And frost can easily hit the hamlet in September, which will kill the squash before it’s ripe. It’s simply not enough time. So I am trying to start them indoors and transplant them in early June. We’ll see if that works.

5 I have nothing to add really, just weirded out that I have so few footnotes!

4 thoughts on “Gardening: Spring 2021

  1. Hello as1neth,
    Good work. I Appreciate it. You are in the midway and in coming days, you will see the results. I hope that next time you will get better results for your garden.
    I think you can also harvest red potatoes in your garden. You should give it a try. Here are the thing you should know about red potatoes harvesting.
    Please let me know if you want to know more things about it.
    Ben Martin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ben! Yes, I *LOVE* red potatoes (really, all potatoes, but especially red ones!). We planted a small bed this year, and thankfully my best friend came for a visit and we prepped the other beds. Got some tomatoes in the ground, planted some cucumber seeds, and got the red beet starts in the garden (hopefully early enough that we didn’t disturb the roots!)

      Any tips you have for red potatoes would be great – I know generally to throw them in, eyes up, and then harvest them when the plants die off… but the middle part is still a bit mysterious! 🙂


      1. Yes as1neth, as you said harvest red potatoes when the plants die off. It will take approx 100 days after planting the red potatoes to dead red vines. Plant also start to turn yellow. Harvesting requirement depends on the type of red potatoes like norland red potatoes and red pontiac both have different harvesting requirement.

        Anyways , Mysterious part will be clear to you when you start its planting and experience all the stages.

        :D. All the best for that.

        Ben Martin.


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