The Kitchen – Big Project Post

This isn’t going to be one of those quick easy projects. The first floor kitchen is one of the few rooms that the previous owner(s) did not start renovating: the electric and plumbing are older than other areas, and the walls, floor, and ceiling were last updated sometime before I was born. So we’re sort of starting from scratch here.

With so many “to-dos” in one room, it is really hard to even organize my brain around what needs to be done (let alone in what order).* Here’s what I’ve got so far – just for the demolition/prep step.

As we actually accomplish these, each bullet will link to a blog post:**

This is not the final layout design – just an early mock up. But the cabinet between the two rooms is coming out to open up the space
  • Remove the original portions of the walls**** – carefully, so we can reuse the materials when it comes time to start putting the pieces back.
  • Repair any areas that need repair -I’m lookin’ at you, floor! Also the walls – but Sergiu’s so good at walls, it’s barely like work 😉
  • Replace the stupid, poorly-done, oddly designed window just south of the door with the half-moon shaped window we found in the garage just waiting for its new kitchen-home.
    • This is more difficult than I like to think about. The whole wall sort of has to come out. I don’t know how or why, but at some point a roughly 6’x10′ section of wall (including outside) was replaced entirely, and not particularly well. It’s not structural, but it will be a bit more labor intensive (and time-crunchy, given the fact that part of the wall will be gone) than I would love. And it really has to be done before we can start putting the pieces back together at all.
Bizarre wall & poorly done window that needs to be replaced
  • All the other stuff I haven’t even thought about – several pages worth, I’m sure. Please comment/text/email/carrier pigeon***** me any tips or reminders for things I have forgotten.

As you can see, this is going to be a long process, with a lot of posts. Hopefully not too long.

*This is sort of a theme for the entire house…
**That makes this post actually not just a report of our actions/progress, but an integral part of the process: public check list!
***While I’m fairly sure there was an original wall/cabinet here, and that part of what remains may be original (mostly the cabinet part), but I’m guessing the mish-mosh pieces of plywood and particle board don’t date back to the 19th century.
****Amazing old wood (real wood!) paneling that I’m fairly certain is original to the house – it’s very period-appropriate and doesn’t look terrible at all – so we are going to carefully pull it out, sand it down, repair/replace anything needed, and slap it back up.
*****Carrier pigeon is Westley’s choice.

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