A Short Break From Everything – Malta

*Malta the nation is actually made up of several islands, but we only explored the biggest, also named Malta.
**We=me, because I am the dictator of all of these trips lol
*** The constant mansplaining took a toll early on, but I learned to ignore it pretty quickly so it did not detract too much. Everyone was very friendly, but an awful lot of men seemed to disregard or simply restate things I said.
As for the driving, if it had been right-hand-side of the road driving I would have happily rented a cheap car and really explored the place – as it was we were stuck with the buses and a few key car hire trips, and therefore more limited in where/when we could do things. I’m terrified of left-hand-side driving; I’m a creature of habit and feel I would definitely cause an accident.
Take the “other tourists” remark with the level of self-awareness that it was intended. I am fully aware that I/we are “those tourists” sometimes — we all are! But it’s annoying en masse, anyway, and is a good reminder for me/us to try and behave more considerately wherever we are.
****Next trip to Malta, I want to find some non-built-on little coves to play in; the water was amazingly clear – almost unbelievably so!
*^I’m pretty sure it was actually a portal into hell.
*^^Yes, my actual experience of the archipelago (or even just the main island) is pretty limited. But I stand by my ridiculously uninformed claim.
*^^^ Apparently Game of Thrones filmed some scenes here, too.
*^^^^ Turns out they aren’t any different than peregrine falcons. Still cool, though, to see them in Malta!

6 thoughts on “A Short Break From Everything – Malta

  1. Hii Alyson
    Its chantal form Malta
    Antoines mother😊
    I just read the story about your journey in Malta and im amazed with your lovely story about pur little island.
    We are so grateful to have met you abd your lovely kids.
    Big kiss and take carexxxx

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  2. Holy cow, this was a majorly-intensive post. Not complaining at all, mind you. It was great fun reading all of your details and then playing with the photos. Needless to say, I am now enraptured with the thought of visiting Malta, a destination that wasn’t previously on my bucket list but clearly needs to be.

    Now, if we can just get this Covid mess under control, I’ll be on my way…. 😉

    P.S. Completely unrelated note: I absolutely love photos with hand-drawn arrows that point out the highlights. It just entertains me in a way that perhaps it shouldn’t, but there you have it…

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    1. I definitely support the adding of Malta to your list of post-covid plans!! It was pretty magical (and not just bc it was part of our perfectly timed last-escape-right-before-lockdown excursion!)

      I think this post is one of my longest rambles, but that’s what happens when I actually enjoy writing about something lol

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