A 2nd Bathroom (half)!

Okay. It’s not totally done. But I’m tired of not posting this, so I present to you all the almost done ground floor half bathroom.

We had 3 future bathrooms* to choose from, and we picked the easiest (start small, right?). It’s the half-bath on the ground floor under the staircase; drain pipes were already in place for a toilet and sink, though the space was home to some of the worst floors in the house. Oh well – check out the before picture!

(Facing south)
Day 1: We’re so fancy.

Workday 1:
Starting from the ground up, we ripped out the rotten floor.** I should add, this is a project Sergiu feels confident doing, so it progressed much more quickly than all previous projects. He’s most useful/productive when he actually enjoys doing the task(s), and he most enjoys doing things he is demonstrably very good at.***

Workdays 2 & 3:
I even have to give him credit for conserving resources and making good (efficient/resourceful) decisions. As he ripped out the bad pieces of subfloor, he thought to himself “why not repurpose that weird, ugly wooden wall thing in the one-day-will-be-a-kitchen?” Instead of using new (probably crappier) materials, he pulled out the boards from this super weird wooden wall-box/shelf thing in the “kitchen” and used the lumber to build a new – perfect – subfloor.

You can sort of see the weird shelf/box thing on the left.** The back panel is just wood paneling over really nice plaster. I sometimes question the design choices of previous occupants…

As infuriating as Sergiu’s occasional wastefulness can be,*^^ this decision and execution was brilliant.

Workday 4:
With the arrival of the live-in plumber (aka, Elliot), things progressed quickly.

Sergiu worked on the floor most of that Sunday only to realize the old pieces of pergo we had from years ago (which would have looked awesome) were in too bad of shape to actually work – they wouldn’t connect together. So he ripped it out and started over around 4pm using the leftovers from the attic. Not quite the ideal aesthetic, but having functional flooring allowed the process to move much more quickly.

Workday 4 (cont): Elliot brought a couple of sinks with him when he moved in, but we still needed a toilet and faucet (and insulation, and about $300 bucks worth of stuff for other repairs…) Armed with Elliot’s truck, he and I headed to Lowes *^^ (we got lost in the store a lot – it was truly pathetic), and what seemed like hours later I bought a very high-quality toilet (so says the internet) and a sink faucet.*^^^

Workday 5:
While Westley and I were in the city on Indigenous People’s Day*^^^^ Sergiu and Elliot made massive progress on our shiny new room. Elliot got the water supply pipes ready to go (not just the waste disposal ones that were there when we bought the house…), and Sergiu got many walls and ceilings up!

Workday 6:
With walls up, pipes in, and floors down it was time to start building our brilliant sink design – Sergiu really made that happen (and primed the walls along the way). Pro-tip, plaster patching takes a really long time to dry in a wet October.

Workday 7(ish):
It was pretty much done – at least the structural parts – by the time I got home from work. Which meant it was time for the fun stuff. Elliot and I **^ installed the toilet (poorly, as it would turn out) while Sergiu finished some things up. And we discovered that our new bathroom space is in no way large enough for three people. So, I took one for the team and let Sergiu and Elliot keep working.

And that was that. Elliot got the plumbing done same-day, and we had a half-bath that succeeds on both function and form (imho).

And because the rest of the not-attic rooms are still ridiculous and largely wall-less, we have a fun juxtaposition of realities in one of the main rooms downstairs:

* I have grand plans for the other two. Grand, glorious plans.
** Actually, very little of it was rotten, which was a nice surprise.
*** Which is true about us all, so fair.
*^ jk, love you Sergiu! 😉
*^^ Because Lowe’s isn’t quite as immoral as Home Depot.
*^^^Also, while there we actually came up with the brilliant sink design plan because we couldn’t find the right faucet.
*^^^^ Wes had a day camp on Governor’s Island at the the junkyard playground – one of his favorite places in the city!
**^ Admittedly, mostly Elliot. Mostly that poorly done bit.

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